Not everything that’s “old is new again”…as the saying goes.

So, cheers to a new blog.


Let’s catch up!

  1. I’m still traveling the world, one trip at a time.
  2. Living in a new city that I adore, and love to call home.
  3. Wrigley is still our “only child” & Jenna from Visions of Vogue¬†took the words right out of my mouth on this subject. Read more on her blog.
  4. I’m growing out my hair, but I can’t decide if it’s on purpose or just because I hate spending my time at any sort of appointment.
  5. We’ve been cooking up a storm in our new house. I didn’t realize how much our old kitchen was underutilized until we moved here. It’s all about the kitchen island (where I’m writing right now).
  6. Walking and running in our neighborhood is still my favorite way to exercise, even though we are in a new city.
  7. I miss renovation projects, but I don’t miss constant trips to the home improvement store & forking out tons of money on stuff that wasn’t making the house any “prettier”…ha!
  8. I’m still making baby onesies & gifts. You can checkout the shop page here.
  9. For Christmas, my husband bought me hiking boots, my first adult sleeping bag, a tent, and all the necessities for camping! So, 2018 is sure to be a year of adventure!
  10. I have some lofty goals for 2018 & I can’t wait to share them with you.